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1st-Prevent Problems, 2nd-If It Isn't Broke-Don't Fix It!



Sticking to the basics and the proven techniques is the best way to protect our investment. 

YEPP utilizes methods that are not necessarily new to the industry but are new to our mature oil and gas fields, allowing us to produce more hydrocarbons today than originally produced at the fields inception.

YEPP Model

The business model we use at YEP PETROLEUM “YEPP” is built around 150,000-barrel minimum reserve prospects that could be extremely profitable for a small group of individual investors who possess the appropriate qualifications to speculate.

When drilling new wells, our qualification extends its net worth requirement for participants to have an individual net worth of $2.5 million or more in comparison to the SEC minimum $1MM mandate while excluding primary transportation and residential details. Exceptions may be made with consideration to certain suitability standards such as age, income history and security, but not limited to.

YEPP Well Individual Participant(s) or Group(s) will typically range from five (5) to 10 individuals or firms with a minimum subscription being $30,000 to $100,000 per prospect. 

YEPP contracts 3rd party and unaffiliated certified legal and accounting service providers to maintain ALL books and records involved from start to finish, ensuring each participant takes full advantage of the associated Tax Shelter. Prospect records are available to participants under standard partnership rules.

Participants receive recordable assignments “deed” to ownership in the property, drilling, completion reports, monthly production, and revenue summaries with monthly or quarterly revenue distribution. Working interest operating cost(s) are first satisfied, subsequently remitting a net check to participants. However, upon request gross check-invoice distribution can be made, with remittance provisions and written understanding that failure to perform can result in total loss of investment. For continuity All YEPP participation is under the term of binding arbitration. The operating agreement for all YEPP properties is the American Association of Petroleum Land "AAPL" Model Form 610 with a $25,000 Operators rework discretion provision. The accounting procedures are governed by the Council Of Petroleum Accountants Society "COPAS" accounting procedures.


TAX SHELTER OF OIL AND GAS, an investment that is 100% tax deductible from any form of income regardless of the investment performance; estimated 80% of the investment 1st year, the remaining 20% the next 5-7 years; & 15% of all oil and gas income is tax free.                     IRC 263(c)


Considering the 150,000-barrel prospect, a typical YEPP prospect will cost between $500,000 and $1MM respectively, while 150,000 x $50 per barrel comes to $7.5MM worth of product. The Mineral Owners Royalty and Operating Expenses (Est.) are paid first “off the top.” The prospect would then generate approximately $5,625,000 to the partners. An average prospect life span is 5 to 10 years, while topmost performing prospects produce economically for decades.

Additional Pay Zone Potential:

The Bartlesville, Hog-Shooter, Layton, Prue, Red Fork, Simpson, Jones, Viola, Wilcox Zones (Conventional Reservoirs), the Mississippian, Caney, Mayes, Woodford, and Sylvan (Blanket Unconventional Zones) have been encountered bearing productive hydrocarbons within a 1-mile radius of the location. The Misener well may potentially encounter hydrocarbons in multiple formations, while shallower productive minerals often exist above deeper resources that add overall value and exit potential to the prospect.

Proven New Techniques in the Mature Fields

We have generated, proven, and utilized a process to increase and hold long-term escalated production rates using electric downhole pump systems with high volume multi-phase separation units at the surface to spot the wells around the injection facility. This process allows production through secondary production at flush production rates.

  • Minimum Three (3) Spot Philosophy Below 2,499′ Subsurface (Deeper more area) to effectively drain a reservoir 
  • Minimum Five (5) Spot Philosophy Above 2,499′ Subsurface (shallower more wells) to effectively drain a reservoir 
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